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HYE (Hair Youphoria Extensions) Body Wave is made of 100% Raw Remy Hair. Each cuticle runs in the same direction. There is no chemical or steam processing of any kind. Therefore, the wavy pattern of each bundle will vary slightly. Hair Youphoria Raw Extensions can be colored, bleached or permed.  It is auto restorative so after heat styling simply shampoo to restore its light lustrous wavy pattern. Our hand-picked bundles have no matting or tangling and little to no shedding. Due to its raw nature, hair color will vary from 1b-2. Each bundle weighs approximately 3.5 ounces. We recommend at least two bundles for styles up to 18 inches and three or more bundles for longer styles.

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Our HYE (Hair Youphoria Extensions) Body Wave Bundles are of the highest quality, providing longevity and a natural lustrous appeal that you won’t find in non-raw hair. Hair Youphoria takes pride in our integrity and high moral character to provide our customers with the best hair the industry has to offer.

Our Body Wave Bundles are not taken from religious donations it is cut directly from the sellers. We do not burn the cuticles. It is 100% Raw Remy hair, meaning each cuticle is in the same direction of the cuticle keeping the hair all in one direction also known as Remy. We do not use fallen hair which is literally that- hair that has fallen to the floor during the cleaning and wefting process. We do not mix our hair with any other products. With proper care, HYE can last for years.

As the industry’s highest quality Raw Indian Remy hair, we want you, our consumer, to feel confident coloring, flat ironing, or curling without fear of compromising the integrity of the hair. Also, with its auto restorative nature, you can simply shampoo your hair and it returns to its natural wave pattern!

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Weight2.9 oz

14", 16", 18", 20", 22", 24", 26"


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