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Do you know what’s better than one? Two! Bundling an AromaHairapy oil with our Hair Youphoria Bamboo Brush is a great way to save on your purchase, while ensuring you have the tools to properly care for your hair.

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The Hair Youphoria Bamboo Hairbrush increases blood stimulation by massaging the scalp and bringing nutrients to your hair follicles, which increases hair growth. This biodegradable and sustainable tool glides through your hair, moving product from the scalp along each strand ― leaving you with a glossy finish!  It also decreases the frizziness and encourages equal distribution of product on your scalp and hair.

AromaHairapy Scalp Ease is an anti-itch oil that tackles tough dandruff and itchy scalp. Scalp Ease is a proprietary blend of carefully curated oils designed to ease dry and itchy scalp. The vitamins and essential oils in this proprietary blend work together to nourish your scalp, while providing calming relief caused by mild to moderate dandruff issues.

Ingredients: Tea Tree (EO), Rosemary (EO), Chamomile (EO), Pumpkin Seed Oil, Cedarwood (EO), Peppermint (EO), Lavender (EO), Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamins D, and Vitamin E


This product is considered a therapeutic product. As such, it is not meant to replace any diagnosis, advice, treatment, and/or judgment of a medical professional.

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