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Empowering women since 2007!

Hair Yourphoria’s mission is simple: To remind ladies that true beauty begins within…to help each person realize their external beauty potential with the proper accessories.  It is then that women are prepared to make the outside as beautiful as the inside; becoming more pleasing to themselves and loved ones!

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    Hair Youphoria • since 2007

    About Our Story

    Hair Youphoria Extensions is a company that sells high-quality raw hair and other hair products. It was established to offer you, the consumer, a euphoric hair extension experience. When the market began to grow, quality of hair and hair care plummeted. Our goal is to fill in the gaps in service, quality, hair, and educating our clients in hair care. Through our love for the beauty industry, we are inspired to develop a product that would not only last in workmanship, but also offer versatility and freedom to you, our client. We have tested vendors and factories from around the world. A tremendous amount of love, hard work, and enthusiasm is poured into Hair Youphoria Extensions. Hair Youphoria was created for YOU!

    Hair Youphoria • since 2007

    About Her Story

    Hair Youphoria Extensions was founded by Sharece. Her passion for beauty and hair care began as a little girl. During her career Sharece worked part-time as a hair stylist while working full-time in corporate America. The knowledge and experience she gained in her corporate career allowed her to to establish and run Hair Youphoria Extensions full time.. She later opened Hair Youphoria Salon in Tampa, FL. Her reason for establishing Hair Youphoria Extensions is simple. During her years as a stylist it grieved her to witness her clients waste money on poor quality hair. She began extensive research and testing to identify high quality products that would last for as long as an install. Sharece ultimately discovered a product that could save consumers money many times over. After continuous urging from her doctor and family, she recently decided to close Hair Youphoria Salon and rebrand Hair Youphoria Extensions online, where she sells a variety of patterns and textures. Sharece has shared her knowledge and expertise with stylists and clients helping them realize their potential.